Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I wear to class?

It’s best to wear a t-shirt or vest top with track suit pants, leggings or shorts. Our classes are fitness based and you should be comfortable and able to move without restriction. Think of clothing you would wear to the gym and you can’t go wrong. As you progress through the classes you will be required to wear shorts this is because you need skin to grip onto the pole. Wearing leggings or track pants is dangerous as the fabric is very slippery. For your first few sessions it isn’t too much of a risk so they will be fine. For more specifics please see the relevant page (Pole / Hoop etc) as this goes into more detail you may find of interest.

2. I’ve seen the recent press about pole dancing being dangerous, what is the risk involved?

Whilst we appreciate injury can occur when partaking in any sport, safety is of upmost importance to us, and we will never push you into doing something you are not comfortable with or is beyond your capabilities. When commencing a new move we always make sure you have people “spotting” you at all times. You will be shown the correct way to exit a move and how to position yourself just in case.

3. What should I not to do before class?

Please do not moisturise before class, we recommend you leave 12 hours between moisturising and a pole dancing class as you will leave residue on the poles and not only will your ability be impaired, but so will the ability of the other students on your pole. Please do not wear any bracelets or watches as they hinder your grip on the pole, can hurt your wrists and damage the poles too. Any person that attends who is under the influence of drink and/or drugs will be asked to leave immediately for safety reasons.  In addition no jewellery for Aerial Silks and Aerial Pilates as you may rip the material and ultimately risk injury. If you cannot remove jewellery in particular rings you may not be permitted into the session for the health and safety of you and also other class members.

4. What should I expect to learn?

As a Beginner, after an initial introductory chat with one of our instructors, (Where they will need to know of any injuries or illnesses, your ability, concerns and expectations), you will be put on a pole / hoop or silk with either 1 or 2 other ladies of similar ability. You will then be shown some basic moves and linking sequences which you will practice with your new buddies. If you are more advanced and have experience previously, please let us know when you book in and we can ensure that you are put on the chosen apparatus with students around the same level. Each 1 hour class starts with a warm up, then learning set moves throughout the class and ending with related exercises to aid with your pole or aerial progression followed by cool down stretches. Classes are suited to the complete Beginner (Foundation) through to Advanced, all taught at your own pace.

5. I want to attend a session but feel too nervous to come alone.

This is not a problem; a lot of our students attend on their own. There is no uneasy atmosphere at Pole Perfect just fun and friendly students who are very encouraging of each other. We will always pair you with someone else who is new or who hasn’t been attending long. If you are at a more advanced level but never attended Pole Perfect before we will pair you with someone of similar ability.

6. What kind of people attend?

Our classes are for anyone who wants to get fit and have fun. We have students who vary in age, size and ability.

7. I’m worried I won’t be able to do anything!

This is completely normal to feel this way as everyone has different capabilities. We will work at your level and whilst you will be able to do some of the moves straight away, most will come in time. The first session is always the hardest one but once you build your strength you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

8. Pregnant and Pole Fitness?

Firstly two things you need to consider as you read this information. One, I am not a doctor and two, no two pregnancies are the same! However I am a certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certified instructor and I hope to inform you of the facts.  Although new peeps are advised not to start any new exercise let alone Pole Fitness etc, if you attend regular sessions and have done for some time you are fine to continue with modifications and be strictly monitored, the following link may be of particular interest to you – Pregnancy and Pole Fitness.