Pole Fitness / Dancing.

In recent years Pole dance is the fastest growing form of fitness worldwide.  Modern pole dancing has evolved into exercise and practiced by not only professional and performers but by everyone from casual students and fitness enthusiasts to national and internationally recognized pole athletes.  Maybe even the Olympics!  The world of Western Pole dates back a lot further then many would imagine. Pole is practiced today by both women and men and is a fusion of:

  • Chinese pole,
  • Indian Pole or ‘Mallakhamb’,
  • Other circus based (eg. Dutch and French pole)
  • Exotic dance of various international influences and
  • Pole dancing as seen in the travelling fairs of the American Depression.

With a fusion of gymnastics, ballet, the finely tuned circus performer skills of the Chinese, the energetic acrobatic skills of the Indians and the alluring and sensuous dance skills of the Western world, are what make up Pole dancing as we know it today. Our classes are all about fun and fitness; for all ages, sizes and abilities.  We all work together to be encouraging and all inclusive. Please browse the website for information regarding class timetable before emailing us, but if there is something you cant find then don’t hesitate to ask!

Pole Fitness has many benefits:

  • Continuous building of upper body strength.
  • Core strength.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Full body muscle toning.
  • Improved posture.
  • Build your confidence & energy levels.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fun way to keep fit.

Check our Blog post which features an article on Pole and its Health benefits.

What is best to wear?

  • Gym trousers (Lycra or Leggings) to start with is ok.
  • Pole Shorts – as you progress you will need more grip.
  • Leg warmers.
  • Vest top.
  • No jewellery is to be worn.

Professional Pole Shots:

Lessons created around your ability:

Each individual will learn tricks and spins at their own pace, when you are ready for them. Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through the moves safely and effectively.

Core Classes:

  • Pole – Foundation (Beginners Only):
    • Learning specific tricks, spins and poses that will give you the skills necessary to be safe and effective.
    • You will notice your posture, fitness and confidence will improve and more importantly, you’ll have loads of fun while starting to achieve your goals.
    • Learning basic pole spins such as Fireman, Pixie and Back Hook in your 1st session progressing up to Side Spin, Boomerang and more.  You will start strengthening exercises to improve your strength fitness and conditioning to prepare your body for the next levels.  You will also learn the Foundations of Inverts from the floor which will prepare you for Improvers.
    • No prior dance or fitness experience is needed. Don’t forget we were all beginners once.
    • Once you confidently complete Foundation Level 1 & 2 you then move into the Improvers class.
    • Approximately 16 weeks although this can vary from person to person and should only be used as a rough guide.
  • Pole – Improvers:
    • These are suitable for students who have completed the Foundation course (Aprox 12 weeks).
    • The skills in these classes will complete your repertoire of upright spins, and prepare you for inverting confidently – all on both sides!
    • There is a focus on good form and strength to prepare you for the next level.
    • When you have mastered the spins, gained strength and have come accustomed to pole we will introduce you to more Improver moves which are mainly upside down such as; Gemini, Scorpio, X Knee / X Ankle, Bow & Arrow etc.
    • Approximately 16 weeks although this can vary from person to person and should only be used as a rough guide.
  • Pole – Intermediates:
    • The skills in these classes will complete your repertoire of upright spins, and prepare you for inverting confidently – all on both sides!
    • There is a focus on good form and strength to prepare you for the Advanced classes.
    • This class builds on your skills learnt in Foundation and Improvers, mastering harder spins, gaining further strength and becoming more accustomed to the pole, introducing you to more Intermediate moves such as; Remi, Iguana, Ayesha and more.
    • Approximately 16 weeks although this can vary from person to person and should only be used as a rough guide.
  • Pole – Advanced:
    • It is at this level where its not about knowing and doing every trick in the book, it’s about understanding the Foundations of the exercises and the ability to break them down into manageable chunks appropriate to you as an individual.
    • Students are able to confidently demonstrate Foundation and Improvers exercises with good form/correct technique and really on both sides.
    • Students will improve on strength, power and flexibility skills that have been learnt previously as well as more complicated pole combinations.  This level is about perfecting your moves, adding extra spice to your routines and pushing your skills even further.
    • You will progress your skills to learn bigger combinations, harder spins, harder inverts, specific skills (Spinny / Partners etc) and much more.  At this level we will be introducing you to more Advanced moves such as; Handspring, Titanic, Russian Layback and more.
    • This session is 60 minutes to really focus on maximising your skills at this level.
    • Suitable for those who have pole experience for example; be able to Gemini / Scorpio switch (no hands), Butterfly, X knee / X Ankle. Be competent and confident on both sides with spins and spinny pole techniques.
    • Will have experience of approximately 1 year although this can vary from person to person and should only be used as a rough guide.
  • Sexy Stilettos (Pole Classique style):
    • A fun class focusing on the sexy side of pole dance!
    • You will learn sensual dance, how to move around the pole and perform moves ‘stripper style’.
    • Just bring your finest heels and get to grips with pole dancing and having a giggle.
    • Learning with a qualified Pole Instructor, you will learn exercises and tricks as well as dance based movements leading to a Sexy little Routine.
    • Suitable for Improvers and above.
  • Pole Jam:
    • This session is yours.
    • It is unstructured and for you to use to work on anything you need to, just have a move/moves that you have been struggling with or need abit more practice and there will be an instructor to help you with what you’re trying to achieve.
    • Suitable for Improvers and above.

Please Note:

If you are new to Pole Perfect Fitness you may be asked to attend 1-2-1 session first for an assessment on your ability level, this is to ensure you are matched safely and effectively to your appropriate level where possible.

Additional Classes:

  • Pole Conditioning (Pole Fitness style) – Please see CircusFit:
    • An intense workout using the pole to build strength.
    • Using you own body weight as resistance this class will focus on pole purely for its fitness benefits, you will go through a series of specfic conditioning moves that will very effectively tone your body, not for the faint hearted!
    • Suitable for Improvers and above.
  • Mixed Ability:
    • A class catering for all levels from complete beginners up to advanced, you will be on a pole / hoop / silks with other ladies / gents of your ability and will work through a wide range of spins and inverts set to your capability.
  • PDC Syllabus:
    • The PDC syllabus is a grading programme consisting of 6 levels set out by the Pole Dance Community, in this class you will work through the syllabus, spending a minimum of 3 months on each level perfecting the moves (On both sides) then put a routine together.
    • When you feel ready you will be assessed on a Warm Up, 10 moves, Routine and Cool Down of your choice before moving up to the next level.
    • If you wish to be formally recognised (Nationally recognised on PDC database and receive a PDC Certificate) a PDC Passport will be required, please speak to Jane for more details however it it not a requirement to participation in this class.
  • Photo Shoot Practice:
    • We run regular student photo shoots which are great for boosting the confidence of our students, it provides a great way to keep track of progress and show off their skills to friends and family.
    • Students get to dress up however they want, they can make it sporty, sexy or fancy dress – the only limit is the imagination.


  • Please see our timetable for specific class times and dates.
  • Classes are available as Blocks or Memberships, please contact for specific costs to ensure your getting the best options available for you.
  • Please see T’s and C’s prior to booking.

Pole Perfect Fitness can also offer:

    • 1-2-1 personalised lesson:
      • 1 hour tuition for those who are a little nervous about starting or would like a little extra practice.
      • We can also offer small group training such as 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 sessions, please email for booking link.

  • Workshops:
    • Designed to improve existing skills in a safe and encouraging atmosphere hosted by a variety of fitness professionals including experienced pole instructors, personal trainers, gymnastic coaches and more.
  • Parties:
    • Want something totally different and fun for your works Christmas do, Leaving Party, Hen or Birthdays? Then we can offer PARTY PACKAGES!!!
    • We can tailor the party to be fitness specific, routines or more, option to have a bar offering Mocktails on arrival and drinks once the session has finished.