Studios Etiquette:

  1. Mobile phones are not to be used during class unless permitted by the Instructor, usually for snaps at the end of class.
  2. You are required to take part in the warm up & cool down to ensure your safety.  If you are late you may not be permitted to participate in the class.
  3. Do not wear moisturisers/skin oils to class this is again for your safety.
  4. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches & other exposed jewellery must be removed before class.
  5. Do not attempt ANYTHING your qualified & insured instructor has not taught you.
    • Including what other students are doing or something you have seen before.
    • If you want to learn something in particular ASK your instructor, if they think its of an appropriate level they will teach you or give you the basics to begin working towards it.
  6. Do NOT attempt to teach other students, if a student asks you, tell them to ask your instructor who is qualified & insured to teach safely.
  7. Do not use any learning materials (Other than approved materials such as PDC or SC Bible) in our classes that have not been provided by your instructor.
  8. Offensive behaviour, bullying will NOT be tolerated, you will be asked to leave the session & refunds will not be given.
  9. Please pay attention in while being taught as it’s not only distracting for the instructor it’s disruptive to the whole class
  10. Do not do anything which may compromise your own or others safety

Deliberate failure to comply with any of the above may result in you being asked to leave the session.